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5 Reasons Home Staging Can Help Estate Agents

Home Staging: A Marketing Strategy for Estate Agents

Home Staging is an effective and growing marketing strategy that helps Estate Agents sell property quickly and for high market value. In this article we’ll delve into why you should wholeheartedly adopt home staging to enhance your marketing toolkit and help you elevate your agency above your competitors.

1. Home Staging Can Turbocharge Your Sale Process

Professional home staging has been proven to help sell properties 3 x faster than its un-staged competitors. Imagine what that could do for your commission and reputation! With the average property sitting on the market for 10-12 weeks before seeing an offer, wouldn’t it be great if we could turbocharge that initial period and maximise those first precious weeks of marketing and accelerate the pace to get those properties sold? There’s no denying a genuinely well presented property sells faster.

2. Home Staging Helps Buyers Fall In Love

Home Staging evokes an emotional connection in a buyer. With most buyers making a decision about a property within the first 7 seconds of stepping through the door, home staging has never been more important to remove buyer ambiguity and help your listings fly off the shelf. As Matt Giggs says, “Remember, emotion is the entry-level when agreeing to a sale. Logic is the justification”.

3. Staged Homes Result In Stunning Photography

High-quality, professionally staged properties result in stunning photos that will grab the attention of buyers searching online. With 90% of buyers scouring the web for their next move, be sure to make your listings stand out. Rightmove suggest, “in slower moving markets, it’s vital that you keep your listings fresh to maintain interest. With the most active home movers visiting Rightmove multiple times a day, we recommend changing your lead photo at least every two weeks to give you another chance to capture their attention.”

Beautifully staged bedroom and professionally photographed for marketing online
Professional Photography by Helen Yandell

4. Improved Saleability With Home Staging

If you’re marketing a vacant property, it possibly isn’t screaming “Buy Me” to someone who cannot visualise space or have a creative mind (FYI that’s 75% of your buyers!). In most cases, we know un-staged, vacant property can struggle. I appreciate your vendor may need some convincing that home staging is the right investment to make – granted, but when you’re competing in a flooded marketplace, don’t leave it up to the buyer’s imagination to determine how they’d live here – SHOW THEM. Grab the attention, persuade the vendor and stage the property. Demonstrate to the buyer how they could live in the property to maximise its saleability and value and see the results of your hard work. Your vendor (and buyers) will love you for it!

5. Home Staging – Cheaper than a Price Reduction

An investment in Home Staging is far cheaper than suffering a price reduction. If you’re faced with a vendor with a vacant property be realistic with them. Advise your vendors that un-staged property spends, on average, 3 x longer on the market than staged property. Time equals money. The longer it’s listed, the more likely you’ll be discussing a price reduction. Making an investment in this proven marketing technique will undoubtably help improve the saleability of the property. Being open with your vendor about the market conditions, giving realistic valuations and bringing solutions on how they can maximise their value will set you apart.


  1. Home staging is a fantastic and effective marketing tool
  2. Home Staging will help you turbocharge your sale process and get stock shifted 3 x faster because its improves the saleability of that property
  3. 75% of people cannot visualise space. Staging helps remove buyer ambiguity and helps drive offers
  4. Staging evokes an emotional response and a connection with a property that leads to quicker sales.
  5. Refreshing lead photos every two weeks can keep a listing looking fresh and encourage more attention online.
  6. Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Stage it to sell it!

If you have vendors with vacant property coming onto the market, please contact me. I’m here to help you shift your properties as quickly as possible, get maximum commission and keep your vendors singing your praises.

Sarah Bevan, The Home Staging Service